Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SW ~ Jenkins Estate

Date visited: October 25, 2006
Agency: Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District
Path Surface: Mostly gravel and dirt, some asphalt
Elevation gain/loss: varies, but involves a large hill.
Distance: varies
Ratings: Setting +++ Calorie-burning ++ to +++ if you walk the entire perimeter and climb the hill.
Directions: Located at 8005 SW Grabhorn Rd, Aloha, Oregon. Drive west on Beaverton Hwy/Farmington Rd (Highway 10) from Hwy 217 in Beaverton to Grabhorn Rd, turn left up the hill. Grounds Hours: 6:00am - 8:00pm July, August & September and vary after 4:00pm throughout the other times of the year and on weekends.

On nearly 66 acres, this restored estate and Camp Rivendale to the south have several trails and a nice lung-stretching hill that is the base of Cooper Mountain. A pleasant place for an aerobic walk, but you might find yourself slowing for a look at the restored house, the gardens and the occasion view of the Tualatin Valley. The log home on the grounds dates from 1913. Other restored buildings on the premises provide a venue for various events throughout the year.

After entering the grounds, turn downhill into the parking area. Look for the beginning of the trail at the edge of the parking lot. The estate and camp are surrounded by roads and fenced private property, so wander as you like without fear of getting lost. As you walk, ponder what it was like to tread here before the trees grew up and before truck engines roared trying to climb Grabhorn Road.

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