Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SE ~ Gresham Butte Saddle Trail

Date visited: October 17, 2007
Agency: City of Gresham
Path Surface: Gravel
Elevation gain/loss: 200 feet
Distance: 2.6 miles
Ratings: Setting ++ Calorie-burning +++
Directions: Access from either end of the trail. From Powell Blvd, turn south on Towle Avenue or Regner Rd. Parking on the street is available on either end—at Southwest 19th Drive off Towle Avenue or Southeast 19th Drive off Regner Road.

Fall is a great time to take this trail because of the abundance of deciduous trees. Formerly an old logging road, the trail traverses the saddle between Gresham and Towle Buttes and Gabbert Hill. Pretty much a straight shot through the woods, go out and back for the full mileage, and expect some climbing. In addition to the hills, there's plenty of room to roam the neighborhood streets surrounding the trail for some additional calorie expenditure. There appears to be other trails that branch off from the main trail—we did not take them, but will explore another day. The Springwater Corridor path is also nearby.

Map (page 2 of the document)


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM


    Thank you for reviewing the Gresham Saddle Butte Trail. Happy trails to you.


    Gresham Parks & Recreation

  2. I just explored this trail today and it's really a gem. The main in and out trail is very rolly and curvey so you can get a quick, decent workout.
    The real workout is when you take the trail that forks off to the East and climbs relentlessly to the top of the hill to a water tank. There is also another trail that forks off of this one and leads you to an old broke down milk truck. Very strange!
    There is another paved road that branches off to the West an climbs another hill. I don't know where this one goes but I will explore at a later time. Great blog by the way!

  3. @jensmailbx: Thanks, glad you enjoyed the trail!

  4. I made a directional error on my previous post. The Saddle trail runs East-West. The trail that goes steeply uphill to the water tank runs South. The other trail opposite runs North and dead ends at a housing development. Sorry for the confusion.