Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SE ~ Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Date visited: November 24, 2008
Agency: Portland Parks and Recreation
Path Surface: Paved and pea gravel
Elevation gain/loss: 30-50 feet
Distance: Variable, up to 1.5 miles by walking the perimeter and many criss-crossing and side trails, more mileage by crossing to Reed College Campus
Ratings: Setting ++++ Calorie-burning +
Directions: The parking lot is near the intersection of SE 28th and Woodstock in southeast Portland. GPS N 45.48003, W 122.63529

Why would you want to go to a rhododendron garden in fall or winter? For the birds, of course. Yes, there are too many mallards to count, but also some surprisingly good waterfowl views—evidently due to the rampant feeding that goes on by visitors. The normally timid wood ducks will actually pose for pictures!
The honking of Canada geese can overpower the rumble of the nearby trains. Paths may get busy and clogged on a nice day, but remember, calorie burning is all about distance and not time.

Even if you don't stop to look at the birds, this is a lovely place in its own right. Waterfalls, a clear water lake and a beautiful wooden bridge are just a few of the features unspoiled by the fact that only a very few flowers were blooming on this mid-fall day (none of them rhodies). If this isn't enough mileage for you, just cross the street from the parking lot and you can get more mileage in Reed College Canyon.

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  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I haven't been over that way in years. Thanks for reminding me of it. I must make time for a trip there in the near future.