Wednesday, January 05, 2011

SW ~ More Tualatin

Date visited: December 9, 2008, January 4, 2011, January 14, 2011
Path Surface: Pea gravel trail, concrete, asphalt
Elevation gain/loss: none
Distance: .8 mile one way
Ratings: Setting ++ Calorie-burning +
Directions: Extension to Tigard-Tualatin route to get adequate mileage. From Tualatin Community Park, head west for one long block on Tualatin Road to Sweek Dr. Path behind Tualatin Heritage Center, 8700 SW Sweek Drive in Tualatin.

A nice extension to a previous post trail is the short loop around Sweek Pond and the views over the Hedges Creek Wetlands. Sweek Pond is an old man-made seasonal pond behind the Tualatin Heritage Center. We were told that there are resident wood ducks--we didn't see them today--but we did see a few other birds and the walk is pleasant. [We finally saw wood ducks in this pond on our 1/14 visit, along with a male and three female hooded mergansers.]

At the end of the pond loop, turn right on the sidewalk, continue over the wooden bridge spanning Hedges Creek. Take a look here, but we actually saw much more bird life ahead. Walk to the end of the path (Starbucks ahead) and turn right in the driveway behind the shopping center. Follow the driveway to the road and turn right toward 90th Ave. Walk along 90th Ave to a bridge over the wetlands. We saw waterfowl, shorebirds, heron and egrets right from the sidewalk. In January of 2011, we saw tundra swans in the distance from the bridge.

Continue on 90th Ave and turn right on Sweek Drive to return to the Heritage Center.

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I've enjoyed the write ups lately and the photos are breathtaking. As Sean's nap schedule goes from two to one, and the warmer temps come for his little body...I'm excited to venture beyond my 'regular' walks