Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NE ~ Lacamas and Round Lakes

Date visited: Several, photo shot in fall
Agency: Cities of Vancouver and Camas, Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation
Distance: Up to you
Ratings: Setting ++++ Calorie-burning ++++
Directions: One way to get there is to take the 192nd exit from SR 14 to SE 1st St where you will turn right. 1st St turns into NW Lake Lake Rd. Near the bottom of a hill, look for the driveway to the boat launch.

As the weather turns nice, it's easier to think of paddling. The truth is, these two lakes are a treat anytime, even on a nice winter day when waterfowl are at their peak.

Round Lake is cozier, surrounded by trees and motorized boats are prohibited. Lacamas Lake, on the other hand, has a boat ramp and easier boat access. It's possible to travel from one to the other in a kayak, but see this cautionary tale before you decide if you want to give that a try.

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