Friday, March 13, 2009

SW ~ Sherwood Wetlands

Date of visit: March 5 and 10, 2009
Agency: City of Sherwood
Path Surface: Paved, boardwalk
Elevation gain/loss: 100 feet
Distance: Three miles
Ratings: Setting +++ Calorie-burning +++
Directions: From Hwy 99W (Pacific Highway), turn southeast on Sunset Blvd near the Sherwood YMCA, 23000 SW Pacific Highway. Take the next left at Woodhaven Dr. Drive past Fitch Dr. and park at the right curb near the paved path.

This path is surprisingly “birdy” considering its neighborhood location (30 species seen or heard on our visits). Water along the way and feeders near the beginning of the path draw several bird species to watch for, and you might see rabbits, squirrels and nutria as well, or just enjoy a nice walk or short bike ride.

Start out generally eastbound on the path (the westbound section ends quickly at the highway). Cross Pinehurst Dr. and continue to a T intersection in a woodsy section of the path, where you turn right to continue on the main path. Follow the path to Stellar St (not marked here), turn right, then turn right again on West Villa St. Pick up the path again, follow it downhill to a boardwalk, around 1 1/4 miles from the start. Follow the boardwalk through wetlands, where we had a fun look at some ruby crowned kinglets.
The boardwalk turns into a concrete path leading to a picnic area in Stella Olsen Park, a good place to turn around for your return trip. If this isn't enough exercise for you, the neighborhood streets nearby provide more room to roam!

For more information about this area, see here.

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