Friday, January 25, 2013

SW ~ Magness Memorial Tree Farm

Date visited: January 21, 2013
Agency: World Forestry Center
Path Surface: Paved loop and dirt
Elevation gain/loss: Unknown, but several steep sections on the trail in the northwest part of the property
Distance: Variable depending on the route. Several trails and length options. See map and description below.
Ratings: Setting ++++ Calorie-burning ++++ when hiking in the northwest portion of the park
Directions: 31195 SW Ladd Hill Rd, Sherwood, OR.  From I-5, take Wilsonville exit 283, turn right on Wilsonville Rd.  After 4.1 miles, turn right on Edminston Rd. for 1.3 miles, then right on Ladd Hill Rd.  The gated parking lot is on the left.

We did not have high expectations for this site but we were pleasantly surprised.  On this cold winter day, we hiked for several miles all by ourselves and enjoyed the bird variety we saw.  Of course, it helped that it was a bright sunny day....

From the parking lot, we walked on the paved Nagel Trail to take a look at the rental cabins, but when we crossed the creek on the bridge, we felt like we were really out in the woods.  We stayed on the pavement for awhile, enjoying a large group of ruby-crowned kinglets near the springs, but then we started wandering.

We didn't have a site map with us and what appeared to be a map brochure on-site was frozen to its box.  Reviewing the map linked below, I can reconstruct that we left the pavement and walked the footpath to near Corral Creek Rd, then followed the path north.  We took the loop detour in the northwest section of the property, where we gained quite a bit of elevation.  I did not have my GPS with us to get an elevation reading so that will require another trip.

We continued northeast, eventually leaving the property from its northeast corner.  There was a bridge and what appeared to be logging road there, but a foot path continued, eventually following a creek for perhaps a mile and a half.  There are boardwalks and footbridges on this path that follows and crosses the creek. Eventually the path curls west, passing through a cedar grove, to end at Heater Rd.  We turned around to head back; the logging road leads back to the parking lot.

Our route took us slightly more than 4 miles.

Map of the trails on the property.

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