Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NW/SW Bonus Mileage Between Walks

For pleasant loop connection to the Willow Creek walk from the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, take the Oak Trail from Vine Maple (near the Interpretive Center) to exit the Nature Park. Turn left upon reaching the street to the light. Cross Merlo at the light, turn left and walk Merlo to 170th where you will turn right. Upon reaching Baseline, turn right then follow it left at Jenkins to Waterhouse South Powerline Park. Walk north along the paved trail crossing roads until you reach busy Walker Rd. The path continues on the other side, but you may want to turn right to the light at Schendel to cross. Continue north, connecting with the Willow Creek walk at the Waterhouse Powerlines Park location. Map.
To return to the Nature Park at the finish of the Willow Creek walk, turn left on Schendel, cross 158th to the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation complex. Continue east along a road, keeping the Athletic Center and basketball court on your left. As you come near the end of the basketball courts, turn right onto a wide paved trail and after about 20 yards, turn left onto a bark-covered path. Follow this path to Walker Rd, passing several playing fields on your right. Turn left on Walker, cross at the light at Koll Parkway, continuing east on Walker, but on the opposite side of the street. After .1 mile, turn right onto a paved path with three white posts at the entrance. This path takes you through a wetlands area and part of the Nike campus. Upon reaching the road (Jay Street) turn left to Jenkins Rd and then right on Jenkins. At the next light, turn left onto 153rd. Follow this road as it curves to 154th Terrace and turn right. Follow 154th to Millikan, turn right and return back to the Nature Park. Map.

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